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The String King

John has been repairing, maintaining and customising guitars for over a decade. String King includes among its regular clients: The Big Moon, Jez Coad, Kid Bookie, Doug Kinlock, Micko Westmoreland, Natale McCool, Don Mescall, Rites of Hadda, Rudimental, Smoke Fairies, Shriekback, The Subhumans, Ciara Thompson, and he has worked on instruments for  over 1000 other players.

John owns over twenty guitars, although he says 'you could probably put together several more from the parts I keep'. John's most prized guitar is his 1983 Vox Custom 24, which he has blogged about here.


John's aim in working with guitars is to make any instrument play and sound as well as it possibly can. No instrument is beyond improvement - if it can be done we'll take it on.

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