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String King Guitar Works

String King provides guitar & bass  repair in

Woolwich, South East London, England. String King is passionate about guitars

and will offer you truthful advice about

the best solution for your guitar problem.

You will never be sold anything you don’t need, regardless of whether it gives us more work. String King is fully focussed on providing satisfaction to you.


Estimates are free and are

best done in person with the instrument in hand. Call us to book a visit.

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What we do:

Does your electric or acoustic guitar or bass drift out of tune or sound wrong when you play higher up the neck? Would you like to improve the tone? Do flat spots on your frets make a buzz? String King can help. String King provides a reliable set-up, repair and modification service for guitarists. From a basic intonation set up through to pickup switching and fret replacement, String King delivers excellence, and a quick turnaround at a competitive price.

Had my stratocaster pick ups and bridge replaced as well as a set up of the action and intonation. I was astonished by the result...

Peter H

A really pleasant and knowledgeable guy, All work was carried out to a high standard and I could not be more pleased...

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